Tracheotomy Trainer

Tracheotomy Trainer

Model: H-TCT-01
This tracheotomy trainer offers realistic practice as different material is used for different part. You can repeat several times of
practice with one set of skinpad and trachea by adjusting the positions of them. So, with the 3 replacement skinpads and 3
tracheas, you can have many times of tracheotomy practice.

Tracheotomy skills
Tissue management
Comprehension of trachea

Thyroid cartilage
Cricoid cartilage
Trachea rings
Muscle layer

Anatomically accurate structure
Realistic tissue response

Product specification:
Tracheotomy trainer x 1ea (280mm*210mm*130mm / 1413.5g)
Replacement skinpad x 3ea (160mm*160mm*4mm / 73.5g / 1ea)
Replacement trachea x 3ea (170mm*OD24mm / 42.5g / 1ea)
Simplified Lung x 1ea (275mm*86mm*35mm / 36.5g)
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