Breast Anatomy Model Half

Breast Anatomy Model Half

Model: C-BAH-01
This simulated breast anatomy model has skin layer, mammary gland on fat and two muscle layers.
We used the different materials for the different layers for realistic tissue response.
You can demonstrate both implant insertions of subglandular and dual plane.
There are two options you can choose from, the one is mammary gland attached to the fat tissue and the other is the mammary
gland and fat tissue are separated.

Breast implant procedure explanation
Comprehension of breast anatomy

Skin layer
Mammary gland
Muscle layers

Realistic tissue response
Anatomically accurate structure
High durability

Product specification:
Breast Anatomy Model Half x 1ea
(230mm*200mm*245mm / 1106g)

Breast Anatomy Model Half - Gland Assembled (C-BAH-01-01)
Breast Anatomy Model Half - Gland Separated (C-BAH-01-02)
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