Catheterization Trainer with Leg

Catheterization Trainer with Leg

Model: P-CTH-03
This catheterization trainer is designed for urethral catheterization.
It is made of the material which has humanlike touch of feel. So user can have more realistic tactile practice. It can be also used to demonstrate self-catheterization to the patient.
It has high durability, can be used repeatedly.

1. Urethral catheterization
2. Tissue management
3. Patients education skills

1. Reusable with high durability
2. Realistic soft tissue response
3. Anatomically accurate structure

Male Catheterization Trainer (P-CTH-03-01)
Female Catheterization Trainer (P-CTH-03-02)

Male Catheterization Trainer x 1ea (200mm*180mm*230mm / 2237g)
Female Catheterization Trainer x 1ea (200mm*180mm*230mm / 2181g)
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