Episiotomy Trainer

Episiotomy Trainer

Model: P-EPI-01
This trainer is designed for the realistic practice and repair of the vaginal tears that occurs during the childbirth. This consists of
episiotomy block and episiotomy body. Both of the block and body are made of humanlike tactile material, which you can experience
realistic soft tissue response. The block is replaceable and you can reuse other components by replacing it.

Episiotomy skills
Suture skills for 1-4 degrees of the perineal tears
Tissue management

Epidermis, dermis, fat, muscle layers

Realistic tissue response
Superficial muscle layer are present in this episiotomy body and allows suturing for all the relevant layers
Replaceable episiotomy block
Anatomically accurate structure

Product specification:
Episiotomy Block x 1ea (110mm*100mm*60mm / 362.5g)
Episiotomy Body x 1ea (190mm*170mm*67mm / 884g)
Plastic Stand x 1ea (210mm*175mm*150mm / 287g)

Episiotomy Block x 1ea (P-EPI-01-01)
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