Intravenous Injection Arm Trainer

Intravenous Injection Arm Trainer

Model: L-IVA-01 This trainer is designed for intravenous injection on the arm. It consists of replaceable arm pad with vein inside, holding jig and mock up blood. There is motor in the jig which pumps out the mock up blood to circulate through the vein.

Intravenous injection
IV cannula injection
Blood sampling

Soft,flexible skin
3 skin layers : Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous
Underlying palpable veins: cephalic, basilic and dorsal metacarpal

Realistic vein wall pressure
Realistic skin response
High durability
Replaceable arm pad
Veins last for up to 500 insertions of 21gauge needle

Product specification:
Arm Skinpad With Vein Inside x 1ea (525mm*80mm*35mm / 580g)
Arm jig x 1ea (690mm*100mm*80mm / 1600g)
Mock Blood x 1ea (120ml)
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